Why does the browser show this site as “not secure?”

Because I refuse to pay GoDaddy $69 a year for the https header. This site does not deal with any customer information or transactions so no such security is needed. The “Not secure” message is a money grab by the hosting system for sites such as this.

What’s my old camera worth?

The short answer is, it depends on the make and model, the rarity, and of course condition counts for a lot! Contact me to find out what your gear may be worth even if you’re not ready to sell.

Why do you not buy through the mail?

Frankly, it is just too much trouble and people are generally very reluctant to send off their camera gear without knowing exactly what they’ll receive in payment. I can’t place a fair value without inspection so it just works out that almost everyone does not want to ship me their cameras because of the perceived risk. With over 20 years doing this, I have quite an excellent track record on EBay and give complete and honest service but I understand the hesitation.

How do you come up with a fair value?

With so many years doing this, I know without research what some cameras are worth, however I frequently check recent sales to stay up to date. I always look for condition as an important factor because my buyers don’t want cameras that don’t work or have problems. If you search for your camera on EBay make sure you check SOLD listings only because people can ASK whatever they want regardless of whether it’s realistic. Look for a range of cameras sold from high value to low and assuming yours is in decent condition expect that I can pay you about half of the average sold price. If it’s like new, I can pay more, and if it needs work, I may buy it but if so, for less. I frequently have to repair and refurbish cameras or send them to a pro. That gets expensive and cuts into the modest profit I hope to get. So, work with me – I’ll take all the risk and you count the cash.