I Buy Old Cameras & Lenses

My name is Mark Holmes and I’ve been dealing in old cameras now for over 20 years and had I kept most of the cameras I’ve come across, I’d have quite the museum, but probably no wife. So, I buy, fix and sell to collectors who want some of these great old cameras for the same reason I do – the love of the genre. Old cameras are special and harken back to simpler times when some thought and creativity had to go into every exposure. I’ve learned a lot; there’s still more to learn and one way I do it is by working with people who for whatever reasons are ready to sell their camera gear. I offer a fair price but you will not get retail! After all, I need to pay the bills, too. Thank you for understanding that sometimes unappreciated fact.

I restrict my buying almost exclusively to the South Florida area although I have travelled up to four hours to buy large collections. It’s because I must see and examine what I buy; there is no other way to know exactly what I’m buying and to offer a fair price.

I work with camera sellers in Broward County, Miami- Dade County, and Palm Beach County, and sometimes on the Florida West coast from Naples up to Fort Myers, or on the East Coast up to the Jupiter area.

I am an eight-year veteran of the US Coast Guard and a former marketing VP for a large credit union. I have written several books and do a lot of marketing writing for a local electronic messaging company. I also have space in the Cooper City Antique Mall where a variety of vintage and antique items including old cameras are sold.

You can see my EBay feedback rating and comments on my two accounts: 
remarkability (personal) and theideadepot (business).

If interested, you can read more about two of my books:
Artifact – A B-24 Crew, a British Spy, and Churchill’s Deadly Obsession
Always Ready – Coast Guard Seas Stories From the 1970’s